Frequently asked questions

We advise that you buy it online, so you will have your place guaranteed at the time you want, or at our port facility, in the red booth.

Children pay from 4 years old.

Without a doubt, on our boats there is no problem for them to make the trip.

The main suitcase (bag, backpack, etc.) And a second package (chair, umbrella, refrigerator, etc.) Per person.

When you buy your ticket or ticket with food, you will receive a QR code in your email, which you must exchange at our facilities at the port departure point (red booth), 15 minutes before departure time. If you do not receive the email in your inbox folder, look in the spam folder of your mail, sometimes it is in that folder.

There are different points of sale throughout the province of Alicante and at the departure point of the boats we have a facility to serve them.

If the ticket is a round trip, if you want to change any annotation you must contact 687916450 to see availability.

No, but depending on availability, the change can be made.

You must go with the email you receive on your mobile phone, or with a photocopy of said order, to the red booth located at the departure point in the port of Santa Pola, 15 minutes before the time you have chosen.

Your internet browser may also be preventing you from making a purchase or payment. This can be helpful:
Clear cookies and browser cache.
Update the browser to the latest version, if applicable, or switch to a newer browser.

Include PayPal as a trusted site in your browser or antivirus program, as they may be blocking your payment attempt.