In case you are planning to travel during the spring, visiting Tabarca can be an excellent idea, especially since it is a destination that has many things to offer to everyone during this season. It has an excellent weather and during this season there is not as much influx of tourists as it happens when summer arrives.

Why visit Tabarca

The island of Tabarca is an impressive marine paradise, something that has been recognized since 1986, when it was declared the first marine reserve in the country. It is an area that can boast of crystal clear waters and a great underwater biodiversity, delighting lovers of scuba diving.

Of its coast, it is necessary to emphasize that it is composed of small cliffs of few meters of height, different beaches of boulders and a unique beach of sand that presumes to count on very transparent waters and of great quality.

On the coast there is a cave that has its own legend. In the 19th century, a couple of sea lions took refuge to have their young. The islanders, mostly fishermen, considered the presence of animals as a threat. They thought that they would break their fishing nets and eat the fish that would be trapped in them.

For that reason they made the decision to hunt them down. During a full moon night, they entered the cave and trapped the couple. Of the fright, the female gave birth before time and was born dead, dying also the mother. Of the pain and the pain, the father was several days howling and today they say they can still be heard in the cave.

There are more reasons to visit this destination and another is because of the great peace that is breathed when taking a walk through its cobbled streets, where we will only find three and where all lead to different parts of the coast.

In this area you can enjoy incredible sunsets, so we must not forget to take the camera with us, because surely they will be moments that anyone will want to remember for a long time.

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