Gastronomy is one of the reasons why you choose a tourist destination. Surely nobody would go to a destination knowing that their cuisine will not like it. One of the main advantages that can be found on the island of Tabarca is the possibility of finding different places to eat or dine at any time of the year and enjoy the best of the gastronomy of the area, such as Restaurante La Caleta.

The gastronomy of Tabarca

This restaurant is one of the most classic of the island of Tabarca. It has been open since 1978 and looks out over the Mediterranean as if it were a balcony, offering excellent views to all diners.

In the recipe book of this destination there are a large number of different dishes in which always fresh and seasonal products predominate. The most outstanding products are fish and seafood as well as rice, among other alternatives.

One of the dishes that we can taste in this restaurant is what is known as arroz a banda, a simple dish that fishermen used to make in the past, although nowadays it has become a well-known dish. Paella is another of the dishes that cannot be missed in this destination, one of the most international Spanish dishes.

The fideuá is a dish similar to paella, although instead of rice it has thick noodles and you can incorporate fish, seafood, chicken or vegetables. Another traditional dish of this destination is the olleta alicantina, a traditional dish that you have to try whenever you have the chance.

Fish and seafood, no matter how they are prepared, are other products that must be consumed as well as the borreta alicantina, a dish that has cod as its main ingredient. You can eat all year round although it is more consumed during the Summer season

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