On trips to Tabarca, you have to look for a good place to stay, although you have to think that, as there are a few , the prices are not as affordable as any traveler could expect, but the visit to this destination is worth it.

In addition to the establishments that allow sleeping in Tabarca, there are also some houses that are rented for the summer season, so that anyone can enjoy everything that this destination offers.

Accommodations to sleep in Tabarca

There are not many accommodations that they have at our disposal, therefore, it is better to arrive on the island with a reservation, or call by phone to make sure there is availability and also know the prices, for the estimated cost of this trip does not exceed.

Isla de Tabarca Boutique Hotel is a three-star accommodation, one of the best known. It is located on Arzola street without number.

Another accommodation of three stars is the Hotel Isla Plana, also located on Arzola street, but this time at number 10.

Other proposals for more affordable accommodation are the Casa La Trancada Hotel, at Motxo Street, number 12. Hostal Masin, at number 22, on D’en Mig Street and, at number 8, on the same street we can find Hostal El Chiqui, all of them with one star, as well as Hostal Nuevo Masin, in Virgen del Carmen street number 19.

There are not too many offers of accommodation that this destination offers, since we should know that it is not a very big island, but they are all of good quality, so we will not find last minute surprises if we decide to stay in some of them at any time of the year.

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