Tabarca is a destination that can be visited throughout the year, although it is during the summer that it receives the most visits. Despite this, autumn is a great season to visit this destination, but … what to do in Tabarca this season?

What can we do in Tabarca in autumn?

It is true that when summer ends many restaurants close, the beaches stop having so much influx and there are not so many people, but there are many things to do in the fall. For example, a Mediterranean music festival is held, which means that there is a lot of entertainment on the streets and the terraces are full as in summer, but without being so crowded.

Given that there is not so much influx of visitors, enjoying the panoramic views of this destination is another of the best options that can be done in autumn, especially from Punta Falcó, in the extreme west of the island. From this place you can see the waves against the islet of Nao, a marine reserve of great natural importance.

When there is less affluence of people, the trips to Tabarca allow to make small routes that cross the field zone of the island, being possible arrive where the lighthouse once was and that today is a laboratory of marine biology.

Thanks to the fact that in autumn the temperatures are quite pleasant, it is worth visiting Tabarca and getting to know it in a completely different way, doing scuba diving. According to those who have tried it, it is a truly unique experience that must be repeated sooner or later.

Finally, another of the things that can be done in this destination is to know part of its history, to know why the pirates were so interested in this island, why the fort was built and if it was ever besieged by pirates, making the visit the most instructive.

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