Tabarca is an island that is very close to Alicante, destination that has a geat climate practically all year round, so you can visit it at any time. If we ask ourselves what to do in Tabarca, we could think that there is a Little place because it is an island, that is little more than 1.8 kilometers long and in its widest part is 400 meters, but there is much to see.

What can we do in Tabarca?

This destination has a good number of places to be visited, and knowing it is like taking a trip back in time, because we will find a big number of buildings with great history. One of the most well-known buildings is the baroque church or the old house of the Governor, nowadays restored and converted into a hotel, but in which many of the details of the original construction have been respected.

In low season, when there is less tourism, trips to Tabarca are also quite common and they can make small routes through the area of ​​the island, where you can reach what was once the lighthouse and that , currently, it is a laboratory dedicated to marine biology, or also admire the one known as Torreón de San José.

If you go in summer, there is no excuse not to take a dip in the water of any of the coves that surround the whole island. The water quality is highly recommended for scuba diving or snorkeling, where you can enjoy a great underwater biodiversity.

You can also sunbathe in these coves, sail by boat or something as delicious as tasting the best of Alicante’s gastronomy, something that can surprise any palate.

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons to visit Tabarca and many things to do in a place as special as this. Do you know it?

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