Valentine’s Day is a very special moment in which many couples seek to spend a few days in a different destination. A destination that allows them to enjoy themselves in a different way. Having a Valentine’s day in Tabarca can be a good option for any couple. It is a very peaceful destination and although it is also small, it has a lot to offer to everyone.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Tabarca

The island of Tabarca is not big, but it has a large number of special places to meet. Can you imagine enjoying a sunset with your partner? Here you can do it, although in February, you will have to bring some warm clothes.

In addition to being able to walk and know the different corners of this island, there will be time to know its history at the Museo Nueva Tabarca. It is a small but interesting place to know more about the development and history of this destination, to know traditional Tabarca utensils, etc.

In this destination we must not forget the delicious gastronomic offer that Alicante offers. The traditional dish of this island is the caldero Tabarquino, a delicious dish made with a fish called hen and ñoras. An authentic and delicious gastronomic experience.

If you like to take photographs, you should not forget to take the camera because this is a destination that is worthwhile. It has a very good light to take a thousand and one high quality photographs. You can document everything that Tabarca can offer you in a getaway that you do with your partner.

In terms of accommodation options, it should be noted that all are of quality. This will make you have no problem finding a good room where you can spend the weekend of Valentine’s Day.
You can spend a few days in an idyllic setting, delicious cuisine, maximum tranquility, quality accommodation and all with the opportunity to enjoy it with your partner. Can you ask for more?

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