This crossing, organized by the Alone Swimming Club, is considered one of the 100 best in the world. It is usually held on July 5, and starts at 07:30, from Tabarca beach. From there, and through the crystalline waters of the marine reserve, the participants take the course to Varadero Beach, in Santa Pola.

In total, the route is 5900 meters in a straight line.

The Santa Pola – Tabarca swim, one of the most important swims in Spain

It is a popular crossing, within those classified as medium distance.

Through a first pre-registration (from 7 to 18 February), then a draw for places is made which is usually held in the Baluarte del Duque (Castillo Fortaleza).

It was in 1996 when the first edition of this crossing was held. It was already in 2000, when the newly created Club Natación Alone took the reins of its organization, which has continued until today.

This is the swimming tour with the highest participation in Spain. And, although annual pre-registration requests usually reach 3000, participation is limited, for safety reasons, to 1400 swimmers.

There are rules, which every participant should know and respect, of course.

The minimum age allowed for participation is 15 years. And these minors from 15 to 18, must request expressly to the organization their desire to participate, and accompany their request with a personal authorization signed by parents or guardians.

Of course, all participants must present their ID or passport for registration, and then the organization will label each swimmer’s arm with their participation number, so that identification is possible at all times.

This is a beautiful experience for all swimming lovers. So don’t hesitate to find out more about all the details if you are interested in participating in the next edition.

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