When we refer to the island of Tabarca, not everyone can imagine what this destination can offer to everyone. It is an island that is barely 500 meters wide, but there are many things we can do

Different proposals for visits in Tabarca

One of the main attractions of the island of Tabarca is the marine reserve that surrounds it, being the first in Spain. Currently it is one of the great attractions for tourists who visit this destination of Alicante.

Visiting the reserve is a very special way of living Tabarca, where we can learn about its marine depths. Under the water you can know the flora that has grown in this area despite the large influx of tourists who visit this destination every year. In addition to flora, this area is rich in fauna, with a large number of different fish, making diving in this area an experience.

In the coastal area you can also see some of the caves that are for much of Tabarca. These caves can be visited by kayaking or even swimming.

Although this island is small, it must be said that it is very beautiful and taking a walk through its streets can be another interesting option to do in this destination. In a walk through its streets you can see the church of San Pedro and San Pablo, the eighteenth century, being one of the most emblematic buildings that has this island.

In the northern area of ​​Tabarca and through bushes, we will find a small cemetery and the old lighthouse, inaugurated in the mid-nineteenth century.

Another proposal of great interest is to go to the south of the island, sit on the rocks of the coast and wait for the sunset to take place. The fact of seeing how the sun sinks on the horizon is a unique experience, which makes the sky dyed orange and then violet, making this sunset something that will not be easily forgotten.

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