Alicante is a popular destination on the Costa Blanca. It is a place that has all the proposals that any traveler would like for their vacations. Traveling and eating in Tabarca’s island is one of the many activities that can be done when visiting a destination like this.

Tabarca, a must-see destination

Tabarca is an island that is located off the coast of Alicante and one of the best known destinations in the area. Throughout the year, this island is visited by thousands of people, especially during the summer days. Alicante has an excellent climate with 300 sunny days per year, which will allow us to fully enjoy everything that this island can offer to everyone.

Although Tabarca is not a very large island, it has many places to visit at any time of the summer. A great alternative to visit this place is to purchase the travel + food packages and the trip from Santa Pola to Tabarca in a sea taxi. With this, we will pay less money than if we acquired the products separately.

Acquiring a travel pack for each member of the family is a great idea to spend a summer day together. Get up early, go by sea taxi to Tabarca from the town of Santa Pola and enjoy the day on the island.

Anyone can spend a completely different day accompanied by family, couple or friends. You can visit the lighthouse area, the gates of the wall or also see this destination from a different point of view, practicing snorkeling or scuba diving on its impressive seabed full of life.

You also have to enjoy the cuisine of Alicante, with dishes such as the caldero tabarquino. It’s something you should not miss on this island. A visit like this, always manages to surprise everyone.

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