It is difficult to accurately date the origin of the fishing. Since the Stone Age there are vestiges in which we can affirm that already at that time fishing was one of the bases of food.

With the passing of the centuries, many are the methods used in seas, rivers and oceans and some of them are very diverse.

At TABARBUS we are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing. This makes us able to enjoy authentic paradises in the Mediterranean such as the Island of Tabarca, where fishing is regulated.

Today we tell you 5 traditional fishing methods.


  • Trawling. It is the most widespread fishing and, as its name suggests, it is catching fish by trawl. Species such as horse mackerel, hake or flat fish (eg, sole) are caught with this type of fishing.
  • The longline. It is the most selective fishing method and perhaps the most respectful of the environment. The use of live bait attracts future catches and the size of the hook is what really regulates the size of the catch. A fishing boat can leave over 4,500 bait hooks at sea.
  • Almadraba. To speak of the trap is to speak of bluefin tuna fishing. The Phoenicians were already using this art consisting of enclosing the catches to later bring them on board practically by hand using harpoons.
  • The trammel. We leave you this video where a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • The traditional cane. Now converted into a sport, fishing from the seashore with a traditional rod is a real pleasure. The physical and psychological benefits of a few hours of fishing from the shore are undeniable.

In one way or another, sustainable and respectful fishing is always the most interesting.

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