It is clear that the island of Tabarca is one of the corners of the coast of Alicante that you do not have to stop visiting at any time. By all it is known its wide variety of proposals for all tastes despite not being an island too big. Taking the boat Santa Pola Tabarca is the fastest way to get there, which will allow us to make the most of all the time we have available on the island.

The fastest trip to Tabarca

Never before has it been so easy to get to Tabarca thanks to the speedboats, which with their power allow to reach the island in just 15 minutes. This way no one will spend much time sailing as it happened years ago.

These are fast boats with a great capacity for passengers, equipped with all the security systems so that all the people who travel will do it with total tranquility.

There are different ways to get to Tabarca, but it is best to do it by speedboat, something that can become an experience for everyone, especially for the smallest of the house, who will enjoy the most of this journey at any time, especially during the summer season.

In addition, you can book tickets back and forth, being able to use it when you want. In addition, the use of these banknotes can be made independently, on different days, with a validity of 90 days, leaving patent the great flexibility that this service has.

Now you know that when you want to spend the day to Tabarca, you have at your disposal a quick and effective speedboat service that will take you to the island for much less money than you can imagine, with total security and independence of the number of people. And best of all, with a large number of frequencies for you to go whenever you want.

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