If you are thinking about where you can go to spend your Easter holidays and have not yet decided, visit Tabarca may be one of the most interesting alternatives you have at your disposal.

Since these holidays are not too long, choosing a holiday destination within Spain is a proposal of great interest, especially Tabarca, a very special place that always surprises everyone.

Tabarca, a destination to visit during Easter

It is a small island that lies off the coast of Alicante, in the Mediterranean and considered the smallest inhabited island in Europe, with a population of around 60 people.

For those people who do not know this destination, Tabarca is an island that has a great history, which is witness to the old wall and the doors that are still standing today. The whole has been declared as an Artistic and Cultural Heritage Site, which invites you to walk through this destination and get to know it at every step, given that each of the corners of this destination can reveal a great history.

In a trip to Tabarca, you have to take the opportunity to get to know everything, something that will not be a great job because the island is not too big. There are places to visit, such as the Governor’s house, the church, its lighthouse or the San José tower. And when the weather is good, you have to enjoy its coves and beaches as well as one of its great attractions, its fantastic sunsets.

As the island is not too big, it must be borne in mind that it does not have too many hosting infrastructures, so there are not many options to do so. You have to book well in advance so you can enjoy all the options offered by a destination as fantastic as this one.

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