Making a trip to the island of Tabarca with children can become a fantastic alternative to enjoy one or more days, especially during the summer season.

In this article we want to propose different ways of living and enjoy Tabarca with children and give you several ideas for your next vacation.

What to do in Tabarca with children on vacation?

The vacations themselves are one of the attractions for all children, especially when they take the boat to Tabarca, which will become for them an adventure that they will surely take a long time to forget.

Despite not being an island too large, with just 1,800 meters long and about 400 meters wide, it has many options for the whole family, including children as we will see below.

The fact that it is a small walled town is ideal to walk with the smallest of the house and invent a funny story of pirates, adventures, etc. The limit is in the imagination. In addition, the environment that surrounds us will be ideal as a backdrop for those stories.

If you go in summer, good weather is practically guaranteed, so do not forget to go to the beach or any of its small coves, which will delight not only the children, but the whole family.

The cleanliness and clarity of its waters as well as the incredible underwater life will be enough ingredients to snorkel with children. It is not necessary to go too far from the coast, just a few meters away you can see a great biological variety under the waters.

Do not forget other aspects such as visiting the fortification, enjoy the varied cuisine, explore the island to find the best places to photograph or record funny videos. In short, it is an incredible destination that deserves to be visited at any time of the year, but especially during the summer.

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