In 1986 Tabarca was the first declared Spanish marine reserve in our country. Since then, thousands of divers have flocked to this wonderful Mediterranean island in search of a unique diving experience..

Its fauna and flora have made Tabarca a must for the best divers in the world. Without a doubt, one of the great attractions of the island for tourists is what is under the crystal clear waters that bathe Tabarca.


  • Unique fauna and flora in Tabarca. In previous blog posts we have already taken a tour of the marine fauna and flora of Tabarca. Don’t forget your diving goggles if you decide to visit the island.
  • The largest POSIDONIA meadow in the Mediterranean. To speak of diving in Tabarca, is to speak of its bottoms filled with the green color of the posidonia. Nowhere else in the Mediterranean can you enjoy this color.
  • The south of Llosa is a grouper zone. The grouper is the animal most wanted by diving fans and in this area of the island you should practically get rid of them.
  • Easy access diving areas. This is one of the great advantages of diving in Tabarca. There are really rich areas of biodiversity such as the Islote de la Galera, very easy to access even by swimming.
  • Finish a day of diving with a cauldron. Being able to finish a day of diving with the famous Tabarca cauldron is more than an option, an obligation.

If you decide to practice diving in Tabarca it is important to know the current legislation to dive on the island. Fishing, except for express administrative authorization, is totally prohibited.

And remember, if you don’t have someone to take you to the island, from TABARBUS we will be happy to take you to one of the last natural paradises of the Mediterranean.

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