If you visit Tabarca, you should know is a highly recommended destination to visit at any time of the year. It’s like taking a trip in time that can trap us because of its history. At the time, its coasts were the refuge of many Berber pirates, who were Muslim pirates who moved through North Africa and whose goal is to attack Christian ships.

A historical destination

Tabarca is not a very big place and at the time it was lacking in defenses. That made many pirates loots it and even came to use the island as a refuge, leaving a historical legacy that still survives in our days.

Due to the moments of siege that the island lived on the part of the pirates, the king Carlos III ordered to fortify it in the XVIII century.

In its origins, the island was populated by different families of fishermen originally from Genoa and who were once captives on the Tunisian island of Tabarqah. It was due to these first settlers and thanks to their situation, for what the island has today this name.

When visiting this island we can see some remains of its impressive walls that flank its urban core, where some of them are in an excellent state of preservation.

They are so well preserved that they have been declared a Historical and Artistic Site of Cultural Interest, which shows the interest that can be aroused in any person visiting this island.

Access to the walls is through three large doors, San Rafael (next to Levante), the San Miguel gate (with views of the city of Alicante) and San Gabriel (looking towards Poniente).

Visiting a destination like this will allow us to know much of its history, especially since it is not a very big place, but enough to know it well in a few days. Still do not know Tabarca?

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