Going on vacation to Alicante is a very successful option, because it is a destination that offers a big number of proposals for all types of travelers. Within these proposals are trips to Tabarca, a small island that has many places to visit and which is very easy to reach.

From where and how you can go to the island of Tabarca?

You can reach the island of Tabarca from different places such as Alicante, Benidorm, Guardamar, Santa Pola or Torrevieja; there are also a variety of ways to get there, so it will not be hard for us to visit this highly recommended destination in Alicante.

Taking a speedboat at Santa Pola is one of the fastest ways, since it is the closest town to the island of Tabarca and where we will find the best communications. The island is about 4 nautical miles, approximately 7.5Km.

This distance is traveled in less than 15 minutes and the best thing of all is that we do not have to wait for summer to arrive because we will find this frequency throughout the year.

In Tabarbus we have a wide range of possibilities and schedules to leave from the Santa Pola Pier to the island of Tabarca throughout the year.

When the frequency increases the most is from the months of April and May and throughout the summer, so there will not be a long wait in case the ship is missed.

Finally, if you are ask yourself what kind of boats are available, we must say that these are not old wooden boats but there are many options such as catamarans, small fiberglass boats, boat taxis, etc.

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