In previous articles with which we counted on this blog, we have known many of the options on what to do in Tabarca. Although it is not a destination that stands out because it is very big, we can always find many things to do to entertain us. Everyone is welcome and everyone can enjoy the most of what a destination like this can offer.

Activities not to stop at Tabarca

We know that we can visit many corners of Tabarca like visiting the doors of the city wall, walking around the lighthouse area or the area of the governor’s house among other corners. But Tabarca is much more than that given that it offers many different proposals to make, many of them related to nature.

This island is considered a marine paradise, something recognized in the year 1986, when it was declared as the first marine reserve of our country. This is something that we can see by just exploring the waters that surround the island, completely crystalline and with a rich and varied biodiversity. Fauna and flora everywhere that will leave no one indifferent.

It is an incredible destination for all those people who like the places of the coastal area and where the sea is one of the main protagonists. In Tabarca we will not only be able to snorkel but we can also do scuba diving. We can rent a complete equipment and a sailboat if we want to dive in open water near Tabarca.

To know the bottom of the sea of this island is another one of the most chosen activities by the lovers of the diving, something that intensifies during the summer, where more people want to live this experience.

Another option is to travel the coast of the island and enjoy beaching the boat where you want, knowing its small coves and beaches. We can also moor the boat at the port sailor. But if we want Tabarca to leave us an excellent taste of mouth, it is best to enjoy with the star dish of its gastronomy, the Caldero Tabarquino.

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