Aren’t you from the province of Alicante? Did you know that in our city there is an island called Tabarca? And did you also know that it is the first island in Spain that was declared a Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean Sea?

Obviously, it is not as well known as the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, but its waters have nothing to envy to any of them. This is because it has been declared as: ” clear example of Mediterranean marine communities scarcely altered ”. From there, comes the enormous quality of its crystalline waters and the incredible biodiversity of its fauna and flora.

The fact that it is one of the least disturbed marine communities in our country is not coincidence.

Turists can enjoy kilometers of water from this island and, in fact, many people visit this place to dive in them, due to the incredible species and, rarely, seen in our waters.

But it is true that, in order to conserve these species that inhabit them, there are certain restrictions for some aquatic activities in some points of the sea, thus avoiding putting them in danger.

Do you want to know a little more about the island of Tabarca, what are the species that inhabit its waters and why was it declared the first Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean in Spain? We are going to tell you!

Tabarca, our small Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean Sea

In 1986, the island of Tabarca was declared a Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean Sea and, as we have mentioned previously, it was the first in Spain to receive this title.

Many of the visitors, who spend every year there, do not know that they are in one of the most privileged places in our country. And this is not only because they are enjoying the sun and the sea, it’s because in their waters live species that are very difficult to find in other places in our area, because of pollution or due to fishing.

Therefore, to preserve its ecological value, and to prevent these species from disappearing from our waters, in the part qualified as a comprehensive reserve, activities that could damage this flora and fauna are not allowed. Although in the rest of the sea, many people do diving activities to observe all this closely.

Surely, after knowing all this you are willing to visit our amazing Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean. And from Tabarbus we make it easy for you! We wait for you at the Santa Pola Pier to take you on our Boat-bus to discover our little paradise of Tabarca.

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