Since 1986, Tabarca has the honor of being the first Spanish island declared a Mediterranean marine reserve . Since then, this Mediterranean paradise has enjoyed specific legislation that guarantees its conservation.

Its crystal clear waters, its fauna and flora, its gastronomic wealth and its proximity to the peninsula, have made Tabarca in a tourist reference point in the province of Alicante.

From TABARBUS , we not only organize how to go to Tabarca but also how to enjoy our packs of all the charm of the gastronomy and atmosphere of Tabarca.


  1. Enjoy the famous tabarquino cauldron . Without a doubt, the tabarquino cauldron is one of the island’s great attractions. Being able to enjoy this gastronomic wonder is a must when visiting the island.
  1. If you like scuba diving, Tabarca is your place. Throughout the year, thousands of professional divers visit the island in search of one of the most beautiful seabeds, rich in fauna and flora of the Mediterranean .
  1. Idyllic journey to go to the island. Its geographical location makes the journey to Tabarca a point of reference for dolphin sightings in Alicante and some cetaceans.
  1. Tabarca is a journey back in time. Since Tabarca is an inhabited island, it makes it a fantastic trip to that traditional fishing age, which was so important centuries ago.

Remember, you will not have seen the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean if you have not been to Tabarca. Put yourself in our hands, and we will organize a really idyllic day to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on the Alicante coast.

There is no best gift for this summer to visit, for TABARBUS, the most beautiful island and paradise of the whole Mediterranean. Treat yourself and contact us.

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