During the winter season, the island of Tabarca is very different from how we know it in summer, more solitary and quiet. But this should not be a reason to stop visiting this beautiful tourist destination. Tabarca in winter is a very attractive destination, even in this season where the island is quieter without so many tourists.

Tabarca in winter

Although in summer there are many frequencies in terms of the transport boats that take us to this island, in winter there are still journeys. Therefore, we can continue enjoying this corner during the winter season.

Visiting Tabarca during the winter is an interesting alternative. In this way we can know this destination and experience it in a different way. Surely it becomes an experience that will take a long time to forget. During the winter we will not find all the open places, especially the most tourist ones, but with the traditional ones.

In this way, we can know the day to day of the inhabitants of this island. We can also get away from the chaos that is experienced when it is full of tourists as in summer.

In winter, this island can seduce us with its charms. Among them we can highlight its wall, the three doors that have the old wall, the House of the Governor, the old lighthouse, the tower of San José and many other places.

One of the great advantages of this destination with which all travelers will find is the climate. Although it is visited in winter, the temperature is very soft and bearable. This will make the stay much more pleasant.

To all this, we must add the prices, much lower than in high season. There is not so much influx of people and you can know everything with much more tranquility. In this way we can enjoy the most impressive essence that this destination has.

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