The practice of snorkeling is one of the great attractions of the island of Tabarca and so every year receives a lot of people willing to meet this destination in a different way. It is the practice of diving at water level, where the person is equipped with a diving mask, fins and a tube called snorkel.

In cold water you may need a neoprene suit, but in Tabarca it is not necessary. Neither do you need specific training, just do not lose your calm and enjoy that experience at all times.

Although this discipline can also be used by surface divers for searches and rescues, it is more used as a leisure activity, both by children and adults, because it is safe and very funny.

The first marine reserve in Spain: Snokeling!

Tabarca has the first marine reserve in Spain, which dates back to 1986 and has a great variety of flora and fauna, delighting lovers of the underwater world.

More and more people are taking their submersible cameras to record or take pictures of this unique experience, being one of the main excuses for enjoying the waters of this island and its seabed, which can surprise anyone .

Although the fins are not necessary, the minimum equipment is the tube and mask or diving goggles. They are usually about 30 centimeters long and have a diameter between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, L-shaped or J-shaped and with a nozzle at the bottom
As for the glasses, you can find many different styles and are often used by divers, but if you want a greater range of vision and quality, masks are something to recommend.

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