No matter the date on which you want to visit a well-known destination such as Tabarca, there is always something to visit and enjoy, regardless of whether you go with family, friends, with your partner or alone. Taking our speedboat at Santa Pola is one of the best ways to go to this destination, always fast and safe.

In just a few minutes you can enjoy Tabarca 

The journey does not take too long and in practically the blink of an eye you will be on this island, where you can enjoy everything it can offer, although in the months of July and August, you know, there is a great influx of tourists, but it is still highly recommended to visit.

If you prefer to wait until September or October, you will find less crowding of tourists and more pleasant temperatures. Tabarca is the ideal place to disconnect from everything and only have to worry about having a good time, enjoying everything that this destination can offer and spending a day (or more if you get accommodation) completely relaxed.

You already know, Tabarca is a unique place that never leaves anyone indifferent because it has a bit of what people are looking for in a getaway. If you want crystal clear waters to take a dip or even enjoy the different opportunities of water sports that provides a special destination like this.

If you are looking for a historical and / or cultural getaway, Tabarca can offer a lot, especially if you start from the base that the island was fortified to protect against attacks by pirates, which already has a lot of history.

Gastronomy is another reason to visit a corner like this. Enjoy the best of Mediterranean cuisine, with seasonal products and simple but delicious recipes. Stroll, enjoy the sunsets, sunbathe or just spend the day with the family. As you can see there are many excuses to visit this destination. Do you dare to come?

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