You should not be afraid of the sea, but I do respect it. Today, technological advances have made going to sea an increasingly safer activity and there are many existing apps.

From TABARBUS we remind you that going out to sea towards Tabarca is a playful act, but also an act of responsibility towards the biodiversity of the Mediterranean and its surroundings.

Take note of some of the most used apps for browsing. We do not position ourselves exclusively on any of them, since they can all provide us with what we need.


  • Navionics, a classic among sea lovers. Perhaps it is the most used app and there are several annual fee models, depending on the cards you want to use.

We are facing an indispensable app.

  • Useful knots, the app with which there is no knot that can resist you. This fantastic application is ideal to learn the knots most used in navigation. Indispensable for beginners and “lovers of trouble”.
  • Marine Traffic. Being connected to the AIS network, it can geolocate almost any vessel anywhere in the world. It also has an excellent forecast of times, tides and practically any meteorological agent that can influence navigation.
  • Sea rescue. This simple application has already saved many lives in complete safety. Easy to install, it covers practically any topic related to safety on a boat.

There are many other applications to navigate, and all of them will take you to the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. But, if you want to go to Tabarca in the hands of professionals of the sea, TABARBUS is what you are looking for.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our services and packs with Caldero de Tabarca.

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