Trip and excursion to Tabarca with meal in Restaurant Anita

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2 menus to choose from and children’s menu!

* Check the time of booking with the restaurant at least 1 day in advance (Phone Restaurante Anita: 966 61 73 62).
* Both the outbound and return can be used independently on different days.
* Validity of the round trip ticket to Tabarca for 90 days.
* Free one package per person. A second suitcase will cost € 2.


If you are planning a trip to Tabarca, the Santa Pola – Tabarca boat tour option with food included is the best option. So prepare the beach bag, the diving glasses and the sun lotion and leave the rest in our hands.

Now, with Tabarbus you can enjoy an incredible trip to Tabarca with your round trip boat ticket to Tabarca from Santa Pola and a pack of food in which you can choose between 3 menus.

You will have a book to eat in one of the best restaurants in Tabarca, Restaurante Anita where you can taste the typical dishes of the Alicante gastronomy such as arroz a banda, fideua or the fish cauldron, made with fresh products typical of the fishing zone. And while you eat, you will enjoy the amazing views of the wonderful natural landscape of Tabarca.

You have two menus to choose with 3 starters, main dish, drink, coffee and dessert. And also if you are traveling to Tabarca with children, we also have a children’s menu!

With the Tabarbus taxi boat you can travel from Santa Pola to Tabarca in just 15 minutes, so in less than half an hour you can be in a unique and privileged place enjoying beaches with transparent waters and an incredible marine fauna.

In addition, in Tabarbus we have a super flexible schedule so you have a relaxed boat trip to Tabarca. With the purchase of your round trip ticket, you can travel at the time you want, both on the Santa Pola – Tabarca trip, and on the Tabarca – Santa Pola route. And if you are going to spend a few days on the island and you are looking for more flexibility, you can exchange your ticket from Tabarca to Santa Pola without problems, within 90 days from the date the one-way ticket is consumed.

Traveling to Tabarca with Tabarbus has only advantages: flexibility of schedule, flexibility of exchange of your return ticket, food packages for adults and children… If you want your trip to Tabarca will be perfect, don’t hesitate to travel with the Santa Pola – Tabarca taxi boat with Tabarbus!


Estos son los horarios actualizados, cuando termine de hacer su compra en el apartado de “Elegir horarios de preferencia”, elijan su hora de ida y vuelta en base a esta tabla.

*Los horarios son susceptibles de cambio por problemas climatologícos.





Menú 1

Pan con alioli

Ensalada de la casa

Fritura de pescado

Arroz a banda, paella de marisco o fideuá

1 bebida, postre de la casa o café


Menú 2

Pan con alioli

Ensalada de la casa

Fritura de pescado

Caldero de pescado y arroz

1 bebida, postre de la casa o café


* Mínimo 2 personas

Menú 3

Pan con alioli

Ensalada de la casa

Fritura de pescado

Arroz con bogavante

1 bebida, postre o café


* Mínimo 2 personas

Menú Infantil

A elegir:

  • Hamburguesa con patatas
  • Pizza
  • Nuggets con patatas

1 bebida y postre


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