Tabarca is the largest island in the archipelago of the same name, located 11 nautical miles (8 kilometres or so) out to sea off the coast of Alicante. It is the only one island that is habited and offers a complete range of hotels for those who wish to spend a few days on the beach or enjoy the views of its military fortifications, which are the main architectural attraction of the island.

Go to Tabarca

The main tourist attractions for go to Tabarca are its white sand beaches, similar to those of the rest of Valencia’s coastline, and the remains of the military fortifications that protected the island from maritime attacks until the 19th century. Until a few decades ago, the fortifications, the lighthouse and the hermitage were the only two-storey buildings on the island and, although today the buildings of Nueva Tabarca are already higher, the remains before the 20th century still have a special charm.

Since the island can be visited in a single day, many tourists do not stay there at night. However, in the summer season the area is as overcrowded as any other beach area of Spanish Levante, and is not particularly suitable for relaxing and getting away from the worldly noise.

Therefore, if you’re not only looking for sea and sun but also tranquility, it’s ideal to go to Tabarca in autumn, especially in October, when most tourists have returned to work and the island returns to calm after the high season.

The Mediterranean climate gives the area warm autumn temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures at night, and the rainfall is declining, so autumn in Tabarca is pleasant and quiet and allows you to enjoy the island without crowds. Moreover, as it is no longer a high season, hotel prices are lower.

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