Alicante is an impressive Spanish tourist destination, one of the most visited in the Levante area. It has many proposals to enjoy a break. Visit Tabarca is an interesting proposal that we can find in this area, a destination that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Tabarca, an essential destination

A very common question that many people ask themselves is: What is it that I am going to find in this destination? Although it is not a big place, we will find a varied number of beautiful coves and beaches with crystal clear waters.

It is an important marine reserve and a great way to get to know Tabarca is through its underwater world. We can do scuba diving or snorkeling, since its waters are not too deep and are very clear. This will allow us to enjoy an adventure of this kind.

The water of this island are declared as Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean for the quality they have and also for the impressive biodiversity of flora and fauna that they have. This makes this area an authentic marine paradise, which will make diving a very special experience for divers.

If you prefer, you can have your feet on the ground and take a nice walk around the island. Not being too big, we can stop to enjoy every corner. In an afternoon we can enjoy Tabarca to the fullest. You can visit the seaport or the church of San Pedro and San Pablo, the Casa del Gobernador (now converted into a hotel) or the Tower of San José.

There are many places on this island that can be visited, although the best thing is that no one tells you, it is best that you come to visit this destination and you can see for yourself why it is so successful.

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