There are very special days, such as Valentine’s Day. When that day arrives, many couples decide to look for an alternative that will allow them to enjoy the date in a different way.

In San Valentín, Tabarca offers a very recommendable option, since it is a small and calm place, in which, nevertheless, we will find many reasons that will assure us a pleasant and different stay from what we are used to.

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What can we find in Tabarca for Valentine’s Day?

It is an island of small dimensions, in which there are many charming corners.

Simply, the fact of walking calmly with our partner by the beautiful surroundings, it can already become a very special experience.

Enjoy beautiful sunsets as a couple, a little warm, of course, because in February still tends not to prevail heat.

A very interesting option is the visit to the New Tabarca Museum. It will allow us to know the history of the place, as well as traditions and characteristic elements of the zone.

The gastronomic proposal, of course, cannot be overlooked. A clear example is the so-called caldero tabarquino, a delicious dish made from a fish called chicken, and ñoras (a variety of pepper, small in size).

For those who love to capture beautiful photographs, the place is ideal; a wonderful natural light usually accompanies us, which will allow us to see beautiful prints of a clear and beautiful quality.

The accommodation offer is varied and, as a rule, there is usually no problem in finding a great place to spend an idyllic Valentine’s Day weekend with a partner.

Tranquility, natural beauty, delicious gastronomy, history and art… These are definitely attractive reasons to try a different alternative to spend Valentine’s Day.

Without a doubt, we will probably repeat on another occasion, once we have enjoyed this charming place that is the island of Tabarca.

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