If you are one of those people who like to prepare everything in advance and be foresighted, you may have already thought about the possible destinations for your next holyday weekend in October. Visit Tabarca, that’s what any citizen of Alicante or anyone who has traveled to this destination would recommend, because it is an impressive destination.

Getting to the island is like a small adventure because to get there you must make a small boat trip, which can be taken from several points of the coastal area.

Visit Tabarca, an unrepeatable experience

When arriving at the island, anyone will be impressed from the first moment. Although it is not a very large destination, it is worth spending a few days. Thanks to its size, it is very easy to travel and know every places. Therefore, it is recommended to take things slowly and enjoy every step that takes place in this destination.

You can visit the old fortress, the doors that surround the island or even enjoy one of the best sunsets you can imagine in the Mediterranean. Any of the proposals are a formidable alternative to be able to enjoy Tabarca at any time.

We cannot forget some aspects of such importance in this destination as it can be gastronomy or even that children can find with this getaway a very interesting destination.

During the holyday weekend in October, the temperature will not be hot as it is in summer, which will make a getaway to this destination into something much more pleasant.

You can take a walk around any part of the island or have a drink on a terrace and enjoy the views with your family, your partner, your friends or even alone. Tabarca is like that, with a little of everything and for everyone.

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