If you are a big fan of scuba diving, you have probably heard about the island of Tabarca, located in the province of Alicante.

Year after year, our small island welcomes thousands of turists who come to its incredible crystalline waters to enjoy the species that inhabit this place.

Why is this? What do the waters of the island of Tabarca have that do not have the rest?

In 1986, the island of Tabarca was named the first Mediterranean Marine Reserve in Spain. This is not only because of the quality of its paradisiacal waters, but also because it is one of the places in the Mediterranean Sea that has been best preserved without practically suffering alterations in its flora and marine fauna.

For this, Tabarca is one of the most privileged Mediterranean islands of the Levante area. Not only because in it you can enjoy the sun and the sea, since this in the other beaches of the Costa Blanca you can also do it, but because only in this small island you can see, while you dive, species that are not found in other places of the Mediterranean Sea.

Do you want to know what marine flora and fauna you can meet on the island of Tabarca that surely you have never seen live and live? Keep reading because we’re going to tell you!

Flora and marine fauna of the island of Tabarca

In the waters of our small island of the Costa Blanca, you will find immense fields of the oceanic Posidonia seaweed.

Perhaps this name sounds to you, because you can also find them on the island of Formentera, but the peculiarity of ours is that they are preserved in a better state, since they do not receive so much wear and tear due to human impact.

The most outstanding marine fauna of Tabarca, is composed of vertebrate and invertebrate species such as octopuses, cuttlefish, crabs, sponges … Even morays, seahorses or starfishes!

These are just some of the species that you can find while you spend a great day diving in the sea of ​​Tabarca … But be careful, because in it you can also find small poisonous animals! You must know very well the marine flora to avoid any contact with this type of species.

Can you think of a better plan than spending a day enjoying the variety of species that inhabit the waters of the island of Tabarca? We can do all this and finish the day of diving with a good typical dish of the island: the cauldron!

After knowing all this, we ask you a question: Do you want to lose it? Surely not! But how can you travel to this island?

From Tabarbus we make it very easy for you. You can take our Boat-bus at the Santa Pola Pier and enjoy the journey to paradise. You just have to contact us sending an email to info@tabarbus.es or by calling any of these numbers: 687 916 450 or 678 640 001!

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