Tabarca is a destination that always manages to surprise everyone. The marine fauna Tabarca is one of the main reasons to come to this island from Santa Pola and be able to get to know the incredible life under the water, something that is not normally seen. This island is a great biological richness, which we should not stop discovering when we have the opportunity to do so.

Tabarca is a marine reserve

The waters of Tabarca are not like any other, this destination is declared a Marine Reserve for its great biodiversity. Thanks to it, it will allow us to discover a great quantity of different marine species, but not only fish but also invertebrates, algae and many other inhabitants of the marine bottom.

Since it was declared a Marine Reserve more than 30 years ago, an infinite number of fish have grown, which cannot be fished or disturbed thanks to the protection of this incredible natural environment. These are fish that have no predators and are part of the incredible marine life of this part of the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the protection of the Tabarca Marine Reserve, biological growth has grown exponentially and today we can find many different species. All of them have turned this corner into a torrent of life and colour, worthy of being visited on a diving or snorkelling trip.

About the aquatic fauna we can find in this destination, there are a large number of fish like:

  • Cherna or Pampol (Polyprion americanum)
  • Denton (Dentex dentex)
  • Gipsy (Mycteroperca rubra)
  • Golden (Sparus aurata)
  • Mero (Epinephelus guaza)
  • Oblada (Oblada melanura)
  • Pargo (Pagrus pagrus)
  • Sarpa or salema (Sarpa Sarpa)

These are just some of the many species that we will encounter if we participate in a diving activity between Santa Pola and Tabarca, especially in the surroundings of the island. It will allow us to discover one of the most beautiful corners of this latitude.

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