Enjoying an island paradise like TABARCA in winter is also possible. The great advantage, compared to the summer season, is undoubtedly the lesser traffic of tourists that will make you enjoy the island one hundred percent.

Tabarca has become one of the great tourist attractions of the Mediterranean and it is also common in winter to enjoy its charms. Every year more tourists take advantage of winter days to enjoy the island in a different way.

From TABARBUS we tell you today what to do in Tabarca in winter, but remember that it is advisable to bring warm clothes and a “towel” for those brave who want to enjoy a bath.


  • Its seabed. Tabarca is a marine reserve in Spain and winter is the ideal time for snorkeling. The sighting of its famous groupers and starfish in winter, turns the sea near the shore into a true marine oasis.
  • Visit the two beautiful churches of Tabarca. The light of this time of year will make your photos in the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo beautiful. Sunset is the perfect time to immortalize these two fantastic churches.
  • Stroll along its entire wall. Taking a walking tour to discover the three gates that preside over the Tabarca wall is a delight.
  • Cetacean sighting on the journey. It is already a classic of our clients when getting on our boats to ask if we will see cetaceans on the journey. The truth is that with a “little bit of luck” we can enjoy a cetacean.

Remember that from TABARBUS, we provide you with transportation to Tabarca. Contact us and check our schedules. Enjoy a special day in Tabarca in winter.

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