Talking about Tabarca is not only talking about one of the best paradisiacal islands in the Mediterranean, it is also talking about an island with an artistic heritage to discover.

If you visit Tabarca, do not forget to visit its church that has a special charm. The CHURCH OF SAN PEDRO and SAN PABLO has been an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1964 and dates from the late 18th century, in a Baroque style.


  • One of the best views of Tabarca. Being able to visit a church overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is a real luxury. The views towards the sea from the location of the church are spectacular.
  • Church of the “secrets”. Its subsoil keeps important secrets, some surely to be discovered. In fact, rehabilitation work brought to light the remains, under the altar, of the island’s first priest.
  • Perfect place to enjoy a break. The esplanade that presides over it facing the sea, makes it a perfect place for a well-deserved rest when visiting the island.
  • Church with a seafaring essence. The church of Tabarca carries a seafaring essence from its origins. Fishing, having been the livelihood of the island in the past, makes the Church respect that essence in its view.
  • Unique experience if you visit at night. Tabarquina nights have a special charm, and enjoying the outside of this island with the light of the moon is something you will not forget.

That’s right, in addition to visiting its beaches and enjoying its famous Tabarquino cauldron, Tabarca has wonderful places to visit, such as its church.

We take you to Tabarca and once there you can spend a day that you will not forget, full of unique experiences on the most beautiful island in Spain.

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