The coves on the island of Tabarca are one of the great attractions of this important tourist destination. We can qualify them as essential of Tabarca and, in truth, there are places that can impress any traveler. Among them is the cove where Cova Llop Marí is located.

Cova Llop Marí, one of the essentials of Tabarca

It is an ideal place to visit at any time of the summer, especially if you practice snorkeling, that is, with some glasses and a snorkel. In this way you will be able to know from another point of view this fantastic corner of the island of Tabarca.

It splurges life everywhere, being able to see different species of birds very common in this area of ​​coast. Under the water you can find other species such as salps, breams, mojarras, Mediterranean tapeweed, etc., making clear the great biological importance of this destination.

A tip: if you are going to dive, it is very advisable that you mark your position given that, although this area is very close to the coast, you can pass the odd boat. That way you’ll save yourself a scare.

About this place it is said that at the end of the 19th century, a couple of sea lions came here and chose this place to give birth to their son. The islanders of that time, considered it a danger and decided to go for them.From the fright, the birth was because the baby was born dead and the sadness of the mother was such that she also died. The male, also suffered the loss of his partner and the offspring. It is said that he was up to three days howling in pain until he died. Some inhabitants of Tabarca say that on full moon nights there are howls from inside the grotto, so loud that they can be heard even from Santa Pola.

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