The enclave of the island of Tabarca is a magical place on the coast of Alicante where you can enjoy amazing views, a fabulous cuisine and something that will not leave you indifferent: the sunset in Tabarca. Whether you decide to see it on the island itself or on a boat on the high seas, it is an experience you will never forget. But there are more incredible things to do in Tabarca, do you want to know them?

What to do on the island of Tabarca

From learning the Tabarquino dialect to eating an exquisite rice or “caldero” typical of the island, renting a boat to give you a tour of its coasts or diving in its paradise of crystal clear waters, Tabarca is a paradisiacal place where you can enjoy all this and much more.

Almost all its inhabitants have boats, and not only because it is a totally fishing location, but also because there is no supermarket or shop on the island, so they must travel to Santa Pola to do their shopping. If you want to know more about the impressive history of this place, you can always visit the museum of Nueva Tabarca or the Hotel la Trancada, where they have books where the exciting chronicle of this island is reflected.

Another point of interest is the blue and white house called “casa del francés”, which will call your attention for its location near a small cliff. The beautiful streets of Tabarca, especially in summer, can have about 3,000 tourists per day, who also take the opportunity to walk along its walls and its historic site. There was a castle inside the wall to protect the population from Berber pirates, but the Parish Church was built over it in the 19th century.

The lighthouse and the tower built in 1790 are also impressive and you should not miss them. But without a doubt, the sunset in Tabarca is the most incredible thing and something you should never miss when you visit this charming island.

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