One of the most important monuments on the Alicante island of Tabarca is its 18th century wall, declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1964 along with the rest of the island’s constructions. Although it is quite deteriorated despite the restorations of the last decades, it has three beautiful baroque gates that cannot be missing in any tourist tour of the Tabarca.

The gates of Tabarca

The gates of Tabarca are of baroque style, although until 1980 they were very badly taken care of and half demolished, which probably has finished with part of the adornments that could have covered them formerly. And, in any case, they are simple constructions, of an austere nature, as corresponds to works of a military nature.

They are oriented eastwards, westwards and towards land, in order to control the whole sea around the island, and they are the following ones:

Gate of Levante or San Rafael

It is the gate that is now closer to the modern port, and the first that visitors will see. It is also the best preserved. In it there is a recent inscription announcing the twinning of the islands of New Tabarca and San Pietro, south of Sardinia, which took place in 1975.

Gate of the Trencada or of San Gabriel

Located to the west of the wall, looking towards Africa and the coast of Murcia, on the vault has the inscription CAROLUS III, HISPANIARUM REX, FECIT, EDIFICAVIT, which refers to the construction of the wall from 1769. It was probably never finished, as it has no pediment over the Tuscan columns on either side of the opening.

Gate of soil of San Miguel

The Puerta de San Miguel is built on the northern part of the Tabarca wall, facing the city of Alicante.  It gives access to what was formerly the island’s port and has a rather coarse stonework vault.

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