If you plan on taking a trip to the island of Tabarca, you have to know how to go to Tabarca from Santa Pola. The best alternative is the taxi boat, which will take about 15 minutes to arrive in a fast, very comfortable and safe way.

Arrive at Tabarca from Santa Pola by taxi boat

They are boats that have a great capacity for travelers and have a wide schedule of routes. This allows you to go in the morning, spend all day on the island and return late. If we are going to stay in any of the accommodations with the island account, you can change the return ticket for another day, which will be much more comfortable.

This island has a small urban center, where we will find different restaurants, where we can taste the best of the gastronomy of the area, such as el Caldero, a traditional dish on this island. It is a dish of rice that is made with fish stock, dried pepper and alioli sauce.

Not only can we enjoy an excellent cuisine, we can also rent a room in one of their accommodations, although we must remember that there are not many. For that reason, you may have to book in advance to not run out of room.

There are a large number of proposals to know this destination. We can make a cultural visit, especially if you know that this island was an important refuge for Berber pirates. In the 18th century, King Carlos III gave the order to fortify the island and create a town where several families of Genoese fishermen could live, who were held captive in the city of Tabarka, in Tunisia.

Currently, you can visit the remains of the wall, which has been declared a Historical and Artistic Site of Cultural Interest. In addition, there is a museum that you can visit, where you can learn more details about this destination.

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