The island of Tabarca was declared in 1964 as a Historic-Artistic Site and also as an Asset of Cultural Interest. Although it is not an island too large, it can be said that it has many reasons to visit it. Escape to Tabarca!

Escape to Tabarca and enjoy the wall

This island has a walled enclosure built in the 13th century by order of King Carlos III. Inside there are around 100 houses. The center of the enclosure is dominated by a square of rectangular shape, where once were the cisterns that stored the water.

Taking a walk through the wall you can see that several parts have been restored, although some others are half-destroyed. It can be accessed through three doors: La Trancada or San Gabriel, which is the entrance on the west side of the island.

The Llevant or San Rafael is the main entrance to the city from the current port or field. The third is that of Sant Miquel, known as Alicante Gate or Puerta de Tierra.

It is oriented towards the Cape of Santa Pola and in its origins it was the main gate since its access gave directly to the old port of the island.

Many years ago, next to this door was what was known as the building of the guard corps, who were in charge of allowing access to the island. Currently, this position does not exist, the building has been restored and in this place there are the dependencies of a small health post.

There is no doubt, travel to this island and walk through its streets, or as we have done in this article, by its wall, it can become a journey in time where you can discover countless curiosities as we take steps and know many of the characteristics of this destination.

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