Alicante’s gastronomy is one of the great attractions that every traveler should take into account whenever visiting a destination like this, which leaves no one indifferent, not even when we sit down at the table, because it always surprises everyone with the quality and excellence of their dishes.

The best Alicantine’s gastronomy

The trips to Tabarca can become a unique experience because you can taste the best of the Alicante’s gastronomy, such as the caldero, the fideua or the delicious and recognized arroz a banda.

The caldero (cauldron) is a typical dish that was made in the boats of the sailors and the name of this dish comes from that the sailors prepared it in a cast iron cauldron and that has remained as a great exponent of the seafood cuisine of Alicante’s ​​gastronomy.

It is a very original dish because it is made up of two elaborations, one the cauldron itself, which is made with fish such as dentex, grouper, greater amberjack, megrim, etc, as well as with trash fish, and another is rice, which is prepared with the excess broth of the cauldron, which gives it a really delicious flavor.

For its part, the fideuá is another of the great standard-bearers of Alicante’s gastronomy, something that can be enjoyed in any of the trips to Tabarca. It has ingredients similar to those of a good seafood paella except that it has no rice but thick noodles are thrown at it. But it is accompanied by fish, squid, seafood… etc, making this dish something indispensable to try.

We finish with arroz a banda, another of Alicante’s gastronomic treasures. It is a simple dish and does not have as many ingredients as many other rice dishes from Alicante’s cuisine. Take round rice, minced spiced red peppers, garlic, tomato, rockfish fumet, prawns and cuttlefish, with a flavor that leaves no one indifferent.

Have not you tasted these preaparations yet?

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