On June 28, will celebrate the festivities of Tabarca, in honor of San Pedro and San Pablo. Do you want to know them? In this article we tell you all the acts you can go to… And at the best price thanks to our special prices and schedules!

What’s waiting for you at the festivities of Tabarca?

Two days before the start of the traditional celebrations of the island, the inhabitants of this small place, together with all those visitors who want to participate, begin to decorate the streets with their characteristic colored flags. And also, all those people who collaborate in this task will enjoy a small snack and a drink to recharge energies.

On June 28 in the morning, the band arrives at the port to start the festivities. It is very exciting to see how they arrive by the sea!

In the same day, at night, the proclamation is celebrated and the Queens of the festivity are named, to end with a festival, to which we are all invited to enjoy the music and the atmosphere with privileged views.

On June 29, you will enjoy a small lunch in Plaça Gran. How can you deny to taste Tabarca’s gastronomy with views of the spectacular clear waters of the island?

For the most religious people, in the afternoon, a mass is celebrated and the traditional procession in honor of their patrons, San Pedro and San Pablo. And at night, we can go again to the festival, where the prizes are given to the decorations on the streets!

The last day, June 30, is the favorite of the children, because in the afternoon, they will enjoy the children’s games that are prepared for them. And once the night is over, the procession of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated.

The final point to the festivities is the costumes show and the latest popular party. And you want to lose it?

Our special prices

So that you can enjoy all these acts, in Tabarbus we put at your disposal a series of special rates and schedules for the days 28, 29 and 30 of June. Because we do not want you to miss anything!

The departures from Santa Pola will be at 22:00, 23:00 and 24:00 h.While the departures from Tabarca will be at 2:00 and 3: 00h

All these departures will cost € 15 per person, but remember that places are limited.

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