Gaylor Nelson, an American senator, established in 1970 to commemorate every April 22 the day of our “mother earth”. There are many attacks that our planet was and is receiving, the vast majority from us, and we wanted to commemorate this day to fight against them.

From Tabarbus we daily strive to ensure that all our activities respect our planet and, with this, contribute our grain of sand to a healthier and more sustainable world. The initiatives carried out have already made us a reference for our clients.

“The ancient Roman world already cared for the environment.” Without a doubt, the Romans were the first people to lay foundations to care for our planet. Until then, nature was believed to be preserved by the divine, but the Roman Empire knew how to reconcile this mystical belief with the first great ecological legal system. An example is the protection that was legislated on the olive tree when considering it a key food item; The Roman jurist Gaius already established minimum planting limits between olive trees.

However, we must not forget that close to 80% of the biodiversity of our planet is in indigenous territories and it is they who give us a lesson and a way forward. The FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS classifies these ancient peoples as the example to follow in the ecological world.

Indigenous peoples teach us how to live ecologically

  • “Nenet, quintessential Siberian people.” Perhaps these nearly 50,000 Siberian nomads are the toughest people on the planet. Her religious beliefs are totally anchored in respect for the land and all that it provides.
  • “Baka Pygmies”. Curious African tribe that worships Eyengui, the spirit of the forest. They consider that nature gives them life and from which everything emanates, and therefore they take care of it more than their own families.

Practically the vast majority of indigenous peoples in the world base the majority of their beliefs on respect for nature.

From Tabarbus we encourage you to take actions that respect our planet and we will be delighted to shape your projects.

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