Today we cannot let this day pass without echoing what is being celebrated; today is ENVIRONMENT DAY. On this day, in 1972, a conference dedicated exclusively to caring for the environment was held in Stockholm; Thus, since 1977 the UN decided that this day should be celebrated on Environment Day.

From TABARBUS, since our activity is focused on transportation to the Tabarca marine nature reserve, we care about respect for the environment.

Every year, the UN designates a country to host the environment. Today we tell you about the latest organizers and what actions they took.


  • ANGOLA in 2016. The fight against the illegal trade in ivory, especially elephants, focused efforts and slogans this year in Angola.

The biodiversity of fauna and flora in this country is endangered, both by civil wars and by human greed, and Angola is fighting tirelessly against these events to preserve its environment.

  • CANADA in 2017. Canada is one of the countries most committed to the care and protection of the environment. We are before one of the countries of the world with more environmental wealth.

Canada’s 20 natural parks make this country an ideal place to enjoy nature in its purest form.

  • INDIA in 2018. The fight against plastic pollution focused on activities in India throughout this year. We are facing one of the greatest polluting threats on the entire planet.

The initiatives to clean plastics in natural spaces carried out by India, motivated the UN to appoint the Asian country as organizer.

  • CHINA in 2019. Concerns about air pollution focused activities in China throughout 2019. It has traditionally been one of the most polluting countries in the air.

Its new environmental policies and the massive use of electric transport are making China an increasingly clean air place.

  • COLOMBIA in 2020. The environmental initiatives planned for this year have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Despite this, we find worldwide examples of how nature is breaking through before human inactivity.

From TABARBUS we suggest you visit the Tabarca marine reserve with responsibility in favor of conserving one of the most beautiful places on the Costa Blanca.

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