The Alicante island of Tabarca is a spectacular enclave where thousands of tourists come to enjoy its beaches, crystal clear waters and Mediterranean food. But it has also been visited by numerous prominent figures, such as Carlos III. Discover in this post all the celebrities who have stepped on this idyllic island.

Famous in Tabarca

Tabarca has been mentioned in the writings of great poets such as Miguel Hernández, as well as being visited by one of our most international artists, Sara Montiel. However, it was during the filming of the feature film ‘Fishbone’ in 2017, which lasted 5 weeks, that the island of Tabarca played a leading role and became known worldwide.

‘Fishbone’ is the seventh film by director Adán Aliaga and the actors from Alicante Saida Benzal and Alejandro Tous appear as protagonists. Saida is an actress with a long career in the world of cinema and Alejandro became known for her leading role in the series ‘I am Bea’.

Likewise, the actors Manuel de Blas, Isa Feliu and Morgan Blasco also appeared in the film and, therefore, were in Tabarca. Also noteworthy are the presence of photographer Pere Pueyo, Avelina Prat as assistant director, Miguel Garví in charge of editing and Vicent Barriere, responsible for the soundtrack.

There are several anecdotes from this movie. One of them is that in its original version it was shot in Spanish, Valencian and English. In addition, it is a wake-up call for lovers of nature and the environment, where gastronomy plays an important role.

For this reason, it was the Alicante Michelin star Susi Díaz who was responsible for the design of the dishes during the filming of the film. Sport is also present with diving scenes of splendid aesthetic beauty.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to know Tabarca, what are you waiting for to be impressed by the beauty of this paradisiacal corner? Contact us!

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