Among the many essentials of Tabarca is the urban wall, which was built by order of King Carlos III in 1769, to defend the island from Berber pirates attacks. It surrounds the city of Tabarca and its construction was made according to the plans of a military engineer named Fernando Méndez de Ras.

He was the one who planned many other constructions on the island. The wall was unfinished, and until the eighties was in very poor condition. Actually, it has been restored several times, and it looks spectacular, being one of the many attractions of this tourist destination.

The importance of the Island of Tabarca

It is so important to know that it was declared an Artistic Historic Site in 1964, like the rest of the island. On the other hand, it should also be noted that it is protected by the Special Protection Plan on the initiative of the City of Alicante, making clear the importance of this island, not only in the Valencian Community, also throughout Spain.

More and more people are making trips to Tabarca at any time of the year, for its climate, its gastronomy, natural environment and all those aspects that have always characterized this amazing destination.

It has three doors such as San Miguel or Alicante, San Rafael or Levante, or San Gabriel or Trencada. The last is in the western zone and separates the island from the quarry of the walled enclosure. It has a vault with a royal shield of arms where you can read the inscription: “Carolus III Hispaniarum Rex, Fecit, Efificavit”.

The San Rafael Door or Levante is the first one that we will find from the port-beach. In it, you can see a plate, to commemorate the celebration of the twinning between the islands of Nueva Tabarca and San Pietro. Finally, there is the San Miguel Door or Alicante, in the north zone, which allows access to the old dock.

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