There is no doubt that the island of Tabarca has much to offer to all travelers who dare to visit this fantastic place every year. On trips to Tabarca there is a must-see corner that everyone should know, the wall, one of the most prominent symbols of this island.

A little information about the wall of Tabarca

The wall has become one of the essentials of Tabarca, being one of the main tourist references of the Costa Blanca. In spite of this, the island is not too big, it is about 1800 meters long and approximately 400 meters wide.

This wall is part of the great architectural wealth that Tabarca has. It was built in ashlar masonry and its access gates have stonework vaults. In addition, we can also see different kinds of inscriptions and even real weapons coats.

In this wall, we can find three doors, the Puerta de la Trancada or San Gabriel, the Puerta de Levante or San Rafael and the Puerta de Tierra, San Miguel or Alicante.

The wall covers much of the island and in an area, that is further away from the downtown area, we can find the Tower of San José, just over 27 meters high, which, next to the wall, was a strategic location that carried out functions of surveillance of the island in prevention of the attacks of the pirates.

Although the wall was quite abandoned and with notable deterioration until the eighties, it did not take long to invest for its improvement, especially taking into account that it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site on 1964. Nowadays, it has become one of the essentials in the trips to Tabarca. You still do not know it?

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