Among the many essentials of Tabarca, is the Tabarca Lighthouse, one of the places to visit for anyone who has never visited this island, the largest in the entire Valencian Community.

Main characteristics of the Tabarca Lighthouse

About this location, we can say that it is part of the important architectural heritage of the island, being projected in the year 1850 by the engineer Agustín Elcoro and Berocíbar. Of this construction, it can be said that it is of great dimensions and consisting of two floors, a square tower and two cisterns, being an element endowed with a romantic architectural current of century XIX.

It was launched on June 1, 1854, something that represented an important progress for the island, since the navigation around was very dangerous because it had little height and there are a big number of rocks, being a danger to any kind of boat that came close to this place.

In its time, it served as a school of lighthouse keepers and stands out for having a tower that supported the old mechanism used for lighting, something that is already dismantled today.

In the year 1971, a new reinforced concrete lighthouse was built right next to it, although it did not last as long as the original lighthouse. It was demolished in 1998 to recover the oldest lighthouse.

Nowadays, the building of the own lighthouse no longer fulfills the mission for which it was conceived. In its interior there is a biological laboratory that is very useful for the Marine Reserve of the Nueva Tabarca, which was declared in the year 1986.

There is no doubt that this place is another of the many that you should not miss in Tabarca, it will surely surprise you. A tip, do not forget the camera, you will not want to forget a place like this.

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