Every October 4 is celebrated the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ANIMALS. It is intended on this day to raise awareness throughout the world to preserve the world’s fauna against constant attacks, many by human action.

Today, animals in danger of extinction are moving from being an exception to a generality. From TABARBUS we join the noble cause of fighting today against everything that endangers any animal species.

Our trips to Tabarca make all our clients enjoy authentic shows on the Mediterranean. With a little luck, the whale and dolphin sightings on the voyage fill our clients with excitement.

We tell you today some curious species in danger of extinction.


  1. Elephant. With hardly any natural enemies, man is killing elephants. The prized ivory of its tusks and its illegal trade means that year after year there are fewer specimens left in the wild.
  2. The panda bear. Without a doubt, the favorite animal of many children is in serious danger of extinction. Slightly more than 1,500 specimens currently only live in a natural state and their indiscriminate hunting and climate change threaten their disappearance 30-40 years from now.
  3. The whale. Indiscriminate hunting practically decimated the world’s population last century. Currently, it is climate change and consequently a change in the state of the seas and oceans, which makes practically all species of whales in danger of extinction.
  4. The human being. As part of the animal kingdom, many experts regard our own species as endangered in the long term. Our indiscriminate use of natural resources and our contribution to climate change are the two factors that can end our very existence.

Do not hesitate, saving an animal is saving a life.

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