Without a doubt one of the biggest attractions of the island of Tabarca is its gastronomy, and to speak of gastronomy in Tabarca is to speak of its FAMOUS CALDERO.

The origin of the caldero, we find it in the Tabarca of the XIX century where fishing was its way of subsistence. So much so, that the fishing boats on their long voyages used an iron container (cauldron) to make this delicacy of gods in the middle of the sea.

Nowadays, the best way to enjoy it is in some of the restaurants on the island, such as RESTAURANTE ANITA or RESTAURANTE MASÍN or RESTAURANTE LA CALETA. There are many online tutorials where you can find the RECIPE for its preparation, but there are some essential tips that you must follow.


  • In every dish, the quality of the ingredients is essential to “succeed in the kitchen” and in the cauldron it is perhaps the most important thing. Always go to fresh produce, especially the fish necessary for its preparation. If you want to succeed, it is almost essential that the broth to be used is fish broth made with quality fresh trash.

For many, the great secret is the use of sea chicken and milk, both essential if you are looking to surprise.

  • Launch yourself to make a homemade aioli with mortar. It involves extra work, but the reward is huge. The option of elaboration with a mixer is faster but if we want to look for the authentic cauldron, it was always made with mortar.
  • Always bet at least four diners. Although it is not an excessively expensive dish, when aiming for fresh fish it is always better to use large pieces to fully exploit its juice in the broth.

Remember that from TABARBUS we organize an extraordinary day in the company of family and friends in Tabarca, including a cauldron. Visit all our reservation options and “jump into a unique gastronomic experience”.

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