That Tabarca is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean is undeniable, but it has also become the safest place in Spain during the quarantine.

There are 51 people registered in Tabarca, but just over 70 people have spent these days confining themselves in this jewel of the Mediterranean. As no cases were registered on the island and contact with the exterior was practically non-existent, they have made Tabarca one of the safest places in Spain against COVID 19.

That yes, the confinement has been respected in Tabarca as in any other place in Spain. Neighbors have scrupulously respected the measures imposed by the official authorities.

One day a week, transportation to Santa Pola has been set up to make food purchases.


  • ENJOYING THE FAMILY. Like the rest of the Spanish inmates, there has been time to spend pleasant moments with the family, which the daily whirlwind sometimes prevents us.
  • WINDOW TO WINDOW COMMUNICATION. Since everything is ground floor, the neighbors have communicated “window to window” to ask if anything was needed.
  • ENJOYING SILENCE. That’s right, the absence of tourists has caused the silence of yesteryear to return to the island.

It is true that the absence of tourists has caused an increase in the streets of seagulls that make the day more enjoyable.

  • WITH CONCERN. Tabarca today lives almost 100% of the tourist activity and therefore concern about the situation is common among all residents. With the opening of the different phases programmed by the authorities, little by little Tabarca will recover its “tourist life”, so necessary for the sustenance of its neighbors.

From TABARBUS we appreciate the exemplary behavior of the inhabitants of Tabarca in this difficult situation.

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