Tabarca, the largest and only inhabited island on Alicante’s coastline, is an exceptional holiday destination, even (or perhaps especially) out of season. After the hustle and bustle of the summer months, Tabarca in autumn recovers its tranquillity and slowly empties, returning the island to the calm it had before the arrival of tourism in the 1960s.

Tabarca in autumn

Tabarca is, in summer, a destination of sun and beach and, like so many others similar, in summer is full of tourists. But it is also a place to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of an island with centenary buildings and beaches where you can take long steps, even in September and October, and especially during this autumn of 2019, with the highest temperatures of recent years.

The average temperature in the area in September and October oscillates between 15 degrees at dawn and 29 degrees around 3 p.m., and rainfall is very low, so when the beaches and hotels are emptied, it becomes the ideal place to enjoy the sea, have a drink on any terrace (now with free tables) or go on excursions to get to know the historical and artistic heritage of the island.

Tabarca has been for at least a thousand years a centre of military operations. It has been occupied by the Romans, the Carthaginians and the Berber pirates, and then, under the reign of Charles III, it became the first line of defence against those same pirates. Its wall, its three Baroque gates and the old town of Tabarca itself, with the Tower of San José, today the headquarters of the Guardia Civil, bear witness to this. Why not take advantage of the mild autumn of the Levante to discover it?

And, if one day it’s very hot, don’t forget that the beaches are still there, with their water at almost 20 degrees, perfect for the last dip of the season.

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